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I have been involved in leading/co-leading therapy groups for 30 plus years and the last 10 or so have facilitated DBT & Mindfulness groups in a psychotherapy setting. Below is one of the handouts I use. Just bulleted info for three states of mind. Since my groups are process oriented (even the psycho-educational groups) we go over the info and talk about it, exploring each item and what the possibilities are, examples in daily life and how this all of this may be helpful.

Reason Mind
· This is your rational, thinking, logical mind
· It plans and evaluates things logically.
· It is your "cool" part.
· Reasonable Mind can be very beneficial.
· It is easier to be in Reasonable Mind when you feel good.
· It is much harder to be in Reasonable Mind when you don't feel good.
· You Would Use Your Reasonable Mind To:
· Build a bridge
· Figure out how to double a recipe
· Balance your checkbook
· Figure out the fastest way from point "A" to point "B"
Emotion Mind
· This describes times when emotions are what influence or control your thinking and behavior.
· Emotional Mind can also be very beneficial.
· Emotions are what motivate us to action.
· Emotions are what keep us attached to others and building relationships.
· Emotion Mind can be aggravated by:
· Illness, Lack Of Sleep, Tiredness, Drugs, Alcohol, Hungry, Overeating, Poor nutrition and/or lack of exercise, Environmental stress and threats, not taking your meds
· Both Emotion and Reasonable Mind Are Equally Important And Valuable
· Reasonable mind gives you a way to solve your problems.
· Emotion mind gives you a reason (motivation) to want to solve them.
Balance or Wise Mind
· Wise mind is the integration of emotion and reason mind.
· Wise mind is that part of each person that can know and experience truth.
· It is where the person knows something to be true or valid.
· It is where the person knows something in a centered (balanced) way.
· It is almost always quiet and calm in this part of the mind.
· Everyone Has A Wise Mind!
· No one is in Wise Mind all of the time.


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