My Poems: I wait for the days

I wait for the days
which only happen for night
for the night-
to embrace her - luna
I try and hold myself
arms around my heart
hands clasped in the darkness
the sight
the scent
I reach for the touch
swaying and sighing
I liberate for the longing
cast your light down on me
melt the stones that surround my heart
set me a blaze across the sky
I wait as the days pass
for the night-when I can see her - luna
eyes wide open in the sky
peering into darkness
your heat moves my blood
shaking the walls down
your sound moves my blood
shaking the walls down
her - luna - give me life
swaying and singing
I breath your name
waiting as the days which are for the night
peering into the darkness
my parched lips thirsting for more
waiting for a drop to fall from the sky
to bring life to the desert
waiting in the night
peering into the darkness
I feel your sight embrace me with you
my breath sighing your name
in the darkness
peering into the sky
waiting for the next time
as the days pass-for the night

! My Poems are copy write by the author !

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