Mindfulness and Actions

1. Resolve to increase awareness of what you do. Do not allow yourself to act out of old routines and habits. Before you begin any activity, ask yourself why you are doing it.
2. Do all of your actions at the appropriate time. Do not procrastinate or avoid doing things promptly—for example, answer your mail or pay your bills immediately upon their arrival. Don’t delay eating on time, going to bed on schedule, or even going to the bathroom when you notice the need.
3. Do what is essential and avoid doing needless or useless things. Ask yourself if the activity is helpful to you in some way or if it is a trivial use of your energy.
4. Consider how much you do for others. Seek to increase what you do for others, rather than acting only for your own gratification and pleasure.
5. Do not hurt, harm, or injure anyone. This includes your actions, speech, and any other way in which you can hurt a person physically, mentally, or emotionally.
6. Do those things that are good for others. Keep reminding yourself that this is the only way to train your ego to think of something beyond itself.
7. Mentally dedicate the positive effects of your actions to the welfare of humanity. Actions performed in this way do not bind you—that is, they do not create additional karma. Try to become aware of the higher Self in others by focusing on their best qualities, which reflect the light of consciousness within.


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